Charleston, South Carolina

Every year that my husband and I are married, we celebrate by visiting somewhere new. That list consists of Catalina Island, California;

Asheville, North Carolina;

and this year we added Charleston, South Carolina!


Day One.

Waterfront Park: This place has some awesome water/bridge views. They also had swings on the “pier,” but good luck getting a seat.


Day Two.

This morning we woke up and immediately headed to Folly Beach. Words cannot describe how much we miss living by the water. We found the best breakfast place – it was absolutely delicious and super cheap (win-win). Also, added bonus, the walls are completely covered in pictures of dogs. Basically, you will love it.

18699917_10158681984220591_2412478590254041029_n (2)

**Random insert: Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures, but we stayed at an amazing AirBnB! Our host was phenomenal and hilarious!

Queology: This was hands down the best place we ate during our entire trip. They had local beers on tap and a live band that was awesome.


Day Three.

Today, as an anniversary gift, we went on a brewery tour. I really don’t like to drink, but my handsome husband left drunk, so obviously it wasn’t bad (haha). At this point in the trip I’d almost completely stopped taking pictures. I’d gotten extremely sunburned (think: swollen leg, can’t move it hurts so bad sunburned) the day before at the beach and I was ready to get back home – totally not my normal attitude while traveling.

I did however get some awesome pictures of Rainbow Row – a must see before we headed home the next day.


Overall, Charleston definitely wasn’t my favorite weekend trip. However, I think that has more to do with how much pain I was in because of the sunburn, and not a lot to do with the city itself. I’m sure now that we’re back on the East Coast we’ll find our way back.


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